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Ever wondered why some students are able to learn quickly, get great grades and still have time for fun?

At the end of this course, you will know how your brain works and how you can use simple study tips to access the Learning part of your Brain.

You will

  1. feel calm and confident with your test prep.
  2. know that you can calm yourself quickly and easily with simple study skills.
  3. be able to accelerate learning.
  4. get outstanding exam results.
  5. find that you can balance time for learning and time for fun.

The course is made up of a lesson for each Study Tip. Over my 40 years of teaching Science, Mathematics and Reading, I have developed this series of tips that can help you learn.

Each of the Learning Tips is based on current research and theory of how the human brain works and how learning takes place.

To use these tips, listen and read and use one of the skills each week of the school year, just like I do with my classes. Make posters and infographics of each Secret. Put these on your study wall. Use the accelerated learning skilss to learn the tips!

Over time, you will use the tips from previous weeks and gradually build up your skills in learning. You will see your results increase very quickly.

Learn life long skills: how to learn, unlearn, and relearn … the new literacy of the 21st century, (Alvin Toffler).

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